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Ski Tours  

» Fluchthorn 3790m
» Allalinhorn 4027m
» Alphubel 4206m (Winterroute)
» Strahlhorn 4190m
» Adlerpass 3789m - Zermatt
» Allalinpass 3564m

Pre-requisites for ski tours and off-piste:
You should always stand securely on the skis or the snowboard. A good stem turn is required for ski tours. The parallel turn is a pre-requisite for off-piste.
Level of Difficulty
Technically easy; minimum gradients; no prior knowledge required
Demanding; medium gradients; prior experience in deep snow
Difficult; steep slopes; expert skier in deep snow
No special requirements
Good, average athletic fitness
Very good athletic fitness; acclimatisation advantageous

Fluchthorn 3790 m
Ascent: 3,5 hrs
Total altitude difference: 2150m
Price per person: 260.- CHF (min. 3 Pers.)
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness, taxi
Whether skiing, snowboarding or telemarking, this technically easy trip will quickly inspire you. Although the summit isn’t quite 4000 m high, the different types of ski runs to Mattmark / Saas-Almagell are long and varied. One is more intoxicating than the next. A beautifully decorated wooden summit cross and the view of the eastern face of the Monte Rosa are further highlights of a trip that is full of delightful moments.

Allalinhorn 4027 m
Ascent: 2,5 hrs
Total altitude difference: 830m
Price per person: 200.- CHF (min. 3 Pers.)
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
Climb a 4000-meter peak on skis with climbing irons? If you have some experience in ski touring, then this delightful winter journey beginning at the Allalin mountain station is just right for you. The ascent leads over a large crevasse zone en route to Feejoch and from there over a steep shoulder to the fore summit. Climbing irons facilitate the way over a short ridge to the summit. The postcard views of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Piz Bernina are truly a delight to behold. The descent is short, but the memories will stay with you for a long time.

Alphubel 4206 m (Winterroute)
Ascent: 4,5 hrs
Total altitude difference: 2300m
Price per person: 285.- CHF (min. 3 Pers.)
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
Are you looking for a challenge. Are you acclimatised, physically fit and have you already completed several ski tours? If so, you should consider the Alphubel. Holding onto the rope of a Saas-Fee Guide you will negotiate glacier crevasses and successfully master turning on the steep summit slopes, before enjoying a breathtaking view from the summit plateau. After a well-deserved rest at the summit, a fantastic descent awaits you along with the good feeling of having mastered one of the most difficult ski tours in Saas-Fee.

Strahlhorn 4190 m
Ascent: 5 hrs
Total altitude difference: 2420m
Price per person: 335.- CHF (min. 3 Pers.)
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
A gleaming glacier mountain with a majestic view. In the winter the perfect skiing mountain for ski mountaineers of all fitness levels. During the first section of the ascent you will cross a short section of the SKI TOURS Hohlaub glacier. After a 3-hour ascent that grows steadily steeper, you will reach the Adler Pass. Here you will enjoy the first views of the Monte Rosa group and the impending summit ascent, which leads over wide glaciated areas to a summit ridge. The last few metres to the summit cross are rewarded with a panoramic view that on a clear day stretches all the way from the mountains of Northern Italy to the plains of the Po River. Aside from the well-known ski routes, a Saas-Fee Guide will lead you safely down to Mattmark Lake.

Adlerpass 3789 m - Zermatt
Ascent: 3,5 hrs
Total altitude difference: 2190m
Price per person: 290.- CHF (min. 3 Pers.)
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
If you are looking for the most unforgettable way to travel from Saas-Fee to Zermatt then you should join us for this adventure. The Metro Alpin will take you to the intermediate station. You will then cross the Hohlaub glacier and climb to the Adler Pass. The long descent to Zermatt, steep at the outset, is a part of the famous “Haute Route”, a ski tour that takes several days from Saas-Fee to Chamonix. As you head downwards towards Zermatt, the Matterhorn will grow ever more imposing.

Allalinpass 3564m
Ascent: 2 hrs
Total altitude difference: 2115m
Price per person: 280.- CHF (min. 3 Pers.)
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
A delightful tour both visually and spiritually. The closer you get to the level of the Pass during your ascent, the more majestic the 4000-metre peaks seem to get. The descent, mainly over slopes of powder snow, leads to a valley with isolated hunters lodges. There you will have time for an enjoyable lunch on knotty wooden benches, before descending via a forest road down to Täsch.