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Summer season 2015
June 15 - October 2

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Ski Tours  

» Fluchthorn 3790m
» Allalinhorn 4027m
» Alphubel 4206m (Winterroute)
» Strahlhorn 4190m
» Adlerpass 3789m - Zermatt
» Allalinpass 3564m

Pre-requisites for ski tours and off-piste:
You should always stand securely on the skis or the snowboard. A good stem turn is required for ski tours. The parallel turn is a pre-requisite for off-piste.
Level of Difficulty
Technically easy; minimum gradients; no prior knowledge required
Demanding; medium gradients; prior experience in deep snow
Difficult; steep slopes; expert skier in deep snow
No special requirements
Good, average athletic fitness
Very good athletic fitness; acclimatisation advantageous

Fluchthorn 3790 m
Ascent: 3.5 hrs / 700 m
Descent: 2150 m to Saas-Almagell
Price per person: CHF 260.00 (min. 3 Pers.)
Private tour: from CHF 700.00
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness, taxi
Whether with skis, snowboard or telemark skis - this technically easy tour will inspire you. Although this summit doesn�t reach 4000m, the views to the Monte Rosa East face and the surrounding peaks are just as breathtaking. The long and diverse descents to Mattmark/Saas-Almagell offer a fantastic off-piste adventure.

Allalinhorn 4027 m
Ascent: 2.5 hrs / 500 m
Descent: 2130 m to Saas-Fee
Price per person: CHF 200.00 (min. 3 Pers.)
Private tour: from CHF 660.00
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
Have you ever climbed a 4000m peak with skis and crampons? If you�re an experienced ski mountaineer, this winter climb will be just the thing for you. Starting at the Mittelallalin mountain station the route will take us over an extensive ice field of crevasses to the Feejoch. After reaching a steep shoulder, we arrive at the pre-summit where we put our crampons on to climb the short ridge to the summit. The stunning view to Mont-Blanc, Matterhorn and Piz Bernina is worth the effort. The descent is short but the impressions will last for a long time.

Alphubel 4206 m
Ascent: 4.5 hrs / 700 m
Descent: 2300 m to Saas-Fee
Price per person: CHF 285.00 (min. 3 Pers.)
Private tour: from CHF 780.00
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
Are you looking for a real challenge? If you are acclimatized, physically fit and experienced in ski touring, then take a closer look at the Alphubel. Roped up to a Saas-Fee Guide, you will pass along deep crevasses and successfully master kick turns on the steep slope before arriving at the summit plateau. The breath-taking view is more than reward enough for the long ascent. After a well-deserved rest, a fantastic descent awaits you. What a great feeling to have mastered one of the most difficult ski tours in Saas-Fee.

Strahlhorn 4190 m
Ascent: 5 hrs / 1100 m
Descent: 2420 m to Saas-Almagell
Price per person: CHF 335.00 (min. 3 Pers.)
Private tour: from CHF 930.00
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
A gleaming glacier mountain which offers a majestic view. The Strahlhorn is the perfect touring mountain for all well-trained ski mountaineers. In the first part of the ascent you will cross the Hohlaub glacier. After a climb of 3 hours, we arrive at the Adlerpass where you can enjoy a first look at the Monte Rosa group and the last ascent, which leads over a broad ice field to the summit ridge. The last few metres to the summit cross will reward you with a spectacular panoramic view over Northern Italy to the Po Valley on clear days. Far away from the Saas-Fee ski area, our Saas-Fee Guide will lead you safely down to Mattmark/Saas-Almagell.

Adlerpass 3789 m - Zermatt
Ascent: 3.5 hrs / 600 m
Descent: 2190 m to Zermatt
Price per person: CHF 290.00 (min. 3 Pers.)
Private tour: from CHF 800.00
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
If you looking for the most impressive way to get from Saas-Fee to Zermatt, you should check out this route. The Metro Alpin takes you up to the Mittelallalin intermediate station from where you first cross the Hohlaub glacier before starting with the ascent to the Adlerpass. The long descent to Zermatt is a part of the famous �Haute Route�, a ski tour of several days between Saas-Fee and Chamonix. After managing the first steep part of the descent, the slope becomes flatter while the Matterhorn seems to grow majestically in the sky.

Allalinpass 3564m
Ascent: 2 hrs / 350 m
Descent: 2115 m to Täsch
Price per person: CHF 280.00 (min. 3 Pers.)
Private tour: from CHF 765.00
Service: avalanche transceiver, climbing harness
A delightful tour for the eye and the heart. The closer we approach the pass the higher the majestic 4000-metre peaks seem to grow. Our descent, mainly in powder snow, takes us to an alp with remote hunting huts. We will find enough time to have lunch on one of the gnarled wooden benches and soak up the peace and quiet before heading down a forest road to Täsch.